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#---------------- Clos Links(20) ----------------#
            ChaosVPN, Ubuntu, Freenet

HUMAN TRAFFICKING & organs - http://g5h6j8t66t4jhbn9iksh6.clos/
CLASSIFIED INFORMATION - http://duanjfheyu5clq9ia7yt6.clos/
Erlast Project - http://jquydhr7nqb59j16jh6d0.clos/
Project Dark Warrior - http://duehgje76nd543dk0987h.clos
Baphomet and Habierto Ccult - http://lqkcindg61o95g67a54f3.clos/
Crystalline power metrics - http://ajtqnc65ldo91jh7dgq62.clos/
Broder engine plans - http://kcjend84dli8y6qt178gq.clos/
Death coil Tesla - http://pqociudthqi856dn72ksu.clos/
Discussion about God and Baphomet - http://doqj64ndhsjkeipa9187z.clos/
Act 13 (the 13 biggest Illuminati families and their contribution) - http://doqj64ndhsjkeipa9187z.clos/
The 5th dimension and ascension - http://pw.k45s9vcx03f5eq2vsa2v5.clos/
THE DEVELOPMENT OF AIDS IN A LAB - http: //audjendjgksl76dns387c.clos/
PROPHECY HIDDEN BY RELIGIONS - http://vqbnut45cvbahgp528bz2.clos/
niyiu the sky turns red - http://twhsdiuy5cvbzushjsdf4.clos/
THE invension OF RELIGIONS FOR HUMAN CONTROL - http://vqbnut45cvbahgp528bz2.clos/
SEND A MESSAGE, Haras PACT WITH THE DEVIL - http://iaudychq87dhy6tdgt4h7.clos/
world government bloodline - http://euejhyatgqozip2d8ej21.clos/
LEADERS Illuminati, ITS CREATOR DECENDENSIA (BLOOD LINE) - http://hqjieu6dh616k9lmp5dt7.clos/
Location of atlantis - http://mlqkcjdhgeud6hdy78jsh.clos/

Red Sky Network
#---------------- Loky Links(27) ----------------#
            Polaris, ChaosVPN, Freenet

45jAEnn1.loky - Radio Control Manual            [Open]
8fitM3fk.loky - Knowing my IP               [Open]
w3ns0q4v.loky - Page with multiple PHP errors       [Open]
eah1mr61.loky - Age of the Earth            [Open]
sx1zzzzz.loky - Song relaxing (Blues)           [Open]
GGGGGGGG.loky - The G Site              [Open]
uen5c84x.loky - Military Area Plans Nevada (Area 51)    [Open]
b3hqj56x.loky - Fruit black market          [Open]
p0nkk91N.loky - Armed of a Whirlpool refrigerator   [404]
iZr8fMca.loky - Cellphones stolen           [Open]
VXa2O9bN.loky - All Anonymous Operations (2011-2012)    [Open]
9Jfz4hrE.loky - See yourself on your webcam     [Open]
sMKTKJVa.loky - Human Experiments           [Closed]
y7mujomP.loky - Experimental and Unstable Hardware  [Closed]
8OD1uSrP.loky - Japanese history            [Open]
EBZ9tOvU.loky - Music with subliminal messages      [Open]
RFzEarcM.loky - Unknown                 [Closed]
cXX8tAp5.loky - Unknown                 [Closed]
zubo97ff.loky - Porn (age unknown)          [404]
q3hH3ras.loky - Links (Layer 3)             [Open]
7hQW6EQs.loky - Email accounts stolen (Part-1)      [Open]
75nHF42v.loky - Email accounts stolen (Part-2)      [Open]
z8R2Myvz.loky - Hackers caught              [404]
EUAi0wph.loky - Time Travel with the Mind       [Closed]
nR5ZMajL.loky - Links ".Clos" secrets         [Open]
XAGxthAB.loky - The edge of the universe (Pictures) [Open]
6nXDwKW2.loky - Trains that goes to another Dimension   [Closed or Moved]

DarkFantasy Network
Dafy-node, Nept-node, Taur-node, Elen-node + ChaosVPN + Encrypted Hardware + Freenet + Linux + Solaris + Router Configurations + Proxypitor Neptune.v5 + Aleona Browser or Neptune Browser

#---------------- Taur Links(7) ----------------#

http://roleaqyvoptycosot.taur --- Mental Manipulation
http://sqavpds3dvt9ofapv.taur --- WKLR0.99 (Page to download Software)
http://8aroyra1rreuywpyz.taur --- Exit Matrix on Humanity
http://dhmelalk3nrporito.taur --- Gates to the dark system (systems to access different sites of the "Deep Web" if we still can call it so...)
http://fgevbi6are9bbluia.taur --- Unix Paradise & Unix History
http://r4agfi4lebareoquy.taur --- Illegal darkcode (The most powerfull botnets ever created)
http://cbhnse8klemceraqq.taur --- Guliana City Location (Shows you the location of a hidden city where very few people live)

#---------------- Life Links(3) ----------------#

http://wofedaoralckedodareo82laslngleyfelpilerobecafiqovionpolvinagofi7egkojpoleryxavoryurp.life --- How the universe was created
http://idutyrielnxopetirkeoapri1ozabufanyoreldeofonueloereacoerbgoferacehurgyleponialeraseo.life --- Get free and get to know all the secrets
http://jdpeduntren4ftek1rolegofargybolajkeodzxeeerialkdeliiiekfirggkkafye9lsontibentrolifor.life --- Power is yours

#---------------- Nept Links(16) ----------------#

http://girogahary5arofeideidegivoly.nept --- Dark Babylon City (Hidden Marketplace)
http://bareyaelece4arakakorskyu3eda.nept --- Triangle of Bermudes
http://faremquaerladeppoyelcevingab.nept --- Ragnarok Index Place (Restricted Zone)
http://projectyvereze7keralmoniakci.nept --- Main Hallwitchz Germany (German Hacktivist Group)
http://ekkhgiskagfrawahulatriaottyx.nept --- Inside Area51
http://uohibsuolphft7hggrjs7fdmfngj.nept --- "Illegal" Music
http://fjiglrsgjit4gyuodsigxevvdnj1.nept --- Kiss Of Death At Night (Torture people online)
http://zkarhajavrogtaelinte9mt3nalo.nept --- Online Kidnapping
http://cjem9kkkkkafe02experimentdce.nept --- Cyber Extortion Investigation
http://ezn1gldcxdsenvekuygerilomash.nept --- New Worlds Order
http://5treonolopiopsygnikovylnarop.nept --- Highly Dangerous Bombs
http://kisel17garenbzajreljeferoilh.nept --- Destroy the whole planet in a few minutes
http://hr3arwptprotectyrprivaxbevvt.nept --- How to inject evil code on any website
http://qorlynp9cvbenmygelhoterkbolk.nept --- Xinuv13 Old Archive's

#---------------- Dafy Links(35) ----------------#

G94dkElc.dafy --- Conspiration Forum
HcEmc37a.dafy --- Follow The White Rabbit
XzSeRr4j.dafy --- Evidence with contact with arficiial intelligence
AwR5tFVB.dafy --- Paralel Universe
Yu7BVaxj.dafy --- Picture Of Your House ("When you enter this page, there is a picture of your house")
ZAdLR32n.dafy --- Contract a corrupt Cop in America
Fwjlaoer.dafy --- Contact With Lost Girl (Spiritual Stuff)
77777777.dafy --- Talk with a blessed power and get blessed
oPeSDark.dafy --- ###
K0xAraeY.dafy --- Destroy database of webserver online (Get information of a database)
Hr5xzgfe.dafy --- Contract Highly Professional ELite Hackers (They can do basically everything & help you to enter "The Primarch System")
S7fVeSeJ.dafy --- Atlantic Source Project (A place were everything can be found)
GhvDeRad.dafy --- Dead Forest In Japan
CBHErA79.dafy --- Classified Information
6GRyE488.dafy --- The Forbidden Party (Here, they sell every type of drugs)
QtErZeA2.dafy --- Go Home FBI, we don't need your bullshit anymore (INVITE ONLY)
2OGD0Ezx.dafy --- Your mind has no limits, the time yes (Blanc website, one of the most dangerous, much information)
GoNdEfmX.dafy --- Welcome to the real matrix (Almost impossible to access here)
T7ae9SeA.dafy --- Deal with persons that have a big power
VbS0rKxc.dafy --- Knownledge Is Yours
KsDmUxz5.dafy --- Dangerous Music That could harm your brain temporaly
7WeRedEj.dafy --- Person Exposed Pay A Ammount of Leafcoin & Peercoin to expose someone
3G0BYrAr.dafy --- Goodbye Raresoftware (Site that unmask all types of cyber scams)
Y6xVbJJK.dafy --- Agent Of Death (Contract Assasins)
CrEdEdlv.dafy --- Chat With Darkfantasy Online
5ie7ErPr.dafy --- Prometeus Chat
RoLiN3dw.dafy --- Information about the future of our planet telius
TtRc8KKK.dafy --- Ingredient Of The Coca Cola
RuFuTTTY.dafy --- How to travel in the future
WkkuOOnw.dafy --- Wake Up & Live the "real life" Matrix
HjKiUal4.dafy --- The Trap Of "Anonymous" and their real origin
T6sOEser.dafy --- Dark Joker Place
IVVyAe91.dafy --- Hello To Myself
PPqERa7q.dafy --- Enjoy the spectacle
hGmaTer5.dafy --- Dark Mathematicer (Hacking Forum)

End network
#---------------- End Links(12) ----------------#
            ChaosVPN, Ubuntu, Freenet

http://Cjeb9Uik.end - Qubits teleporting
http://7eJwrUbB.end - Kill the blue cells (Immortality scheme)
http://d4oTt6Os.end - Explore the Future
http://cyBdZiI0.end - Okay, I′ve got Quantum PC, what to do now? (Marianas Web entry tutorial)
http://3YV8xEz1.end - Inside 3301
http://J8bzfLIw.end - Fear the Future
http://2f7clx4c.end - Join the ANTI-New World Order group
http://we3u88yv.end - "Even Darker Web" Gateway (Information Unimaginable)
http://63zpe0c6.end - Tesla energy repeater (Free energy)
http://yzon2v0y.end - Enter 4th dimension
http://852wjnnx.end - Hello Kitty real origin
http://ddxoi8fi.end - 73 Domegemegrotte-byte ZIP-bomb

#---------------- Desa Links(2) ----------------#
            ChaosVPN, Ubuntu, Freenet

http://ztwtfly2atmlot2bj.desa - Biohazard
http://32ikuen545dwx33ue.desa - Unlock any Bitcoin wallet in one second

Quit Network
#---------------- quit Links(4) ----------------#
            ChaosVPN, Ubuntu, Freenet

http://v7m70g2p4hgfdm4r7ylndznteunf.quit - Cerebral Software
http://u1kq9xqvhigs7bydslan9sgfqt6w.quit - Reincarnation
http://zd27r48gjv7xixv88nmvcntfgpe0.quit - IPv9 configuration
http://tizn3rlo7vxoa8v5hcpku6zgd1j3.quit - Travel with your mind

#---------------- se7er Links(1) ----------------#
            Quantum Computer needed

http://x96yd9fgf9052cavo3vxt22lsyswkvjg7laxuptig919aubsyxwy9chtm1wnx7x1vq8r2nz0b8f5e7lv0.se7er - Infinte Storage

#---------------- sept Links(2) ----------------#
            Quantum Computer needed

http://2rmlwjxjh799v9nduqh0icna8lxdpdrpj3z641om0ho2und8047ibxtnjxh8ygdoj22d7lr31s2pblrr9gdxn1tunyg3qyla5sy89n8epq99fg9ts1nupn453i9mcfc.sept - Release the Brainstorm (Brain damaging frequency)
http://7d6oh2uivblfnbs87qn2hcolatc6govedshiqlavblc6yslph0fqgx34uw5zpwuhf55xq1ld8y8eqyz4ft3j6njae1wzyi7bzgyle6uebbannuo0cd5cvw17xe42pfg.sept - USA Nuclear Bombs launch codes

#---------------- trico Links(2) ----------------#
            Polaris, ChaosVPN, Freenet

http://7dhmelalk3hlrxdorix79.trico - Gates to the Dark System [reopened]
http://7x8jteifdoxd9y3nizezy.trico - Vacuum cooling

Deny Network
#---------------- Deny Links(7) ----------------#
            ChaosVPN, Ubuntu, Freenet

wfauzbhv.deny - Mayan Calendar decoded cipher
ezfhqfxu.deny - Human Superpowers
qyfcuvgv.deny - Who Am I? (Site shows complete information about you)
nqmhrfqd.deny - The real X-Files archives
tkdijiht.deny - Brain transplant
jxkbqeil.deny - AI in a box
uwjocezd.deny - Wow signal source

#---------------- LLL Links(11) ----------------#

http://xxxxx3f.lll   - Can the Power Control (you can cut the power of the region you want)
http://xax.lll       - Anti-Gravitation Effect
http://666.LLL       - Satan Site
http://mmulx7.LLL    - Extraterrestrial Presence with Virtual Contact
http://xefytrl3b.lll - until the desired money in your bank account transfer
http://1x478a97z.lll - 3057 Roon (Future Photographer)
http://rıd147zq.lll - UFO radar
http://mm.lll        - NASA's fake UFO Invasion
http://w5887xz.lll   - Project of Technology
http://lo7z8aqfx.lll - Gate Gate
http://DDDDDDIP.LLL  - Moon Inside

#---------------- Rdos Links(23) ----------------#

http://LM3DxLL.rdos - Underworld
http://ZZZZZ3qF.rdos - migration space of the old people
http://514KF42v.rdos - hidden information about the Nazis
http://z8R2Myvz.rdos - US special file will shake the world
http://EUAi0wph.rdos - construction of extraterrestrial life, UFO technology project
http://nR5ZMajL.rdos - hidden information about the Illuminati
http://XAGxthAB.rdos - specific details of the world's richest man (CC etc.)
http://6nXDwKW2.rdos - parallel universe
http://45jAEnn1.rdos - to control the remote hAARP.
http://8fitM3fk.rdos - NASA-Space Station link codes
http://w3ns0q4v.rdos - relations with the United States aliens.
http://eah1mr61.rdos - NASA UFO Files Stored
http://sx1zzzzz.rdos - Quantum Technology
http://GGGGGGGG.rdos - Tesla Teleportation Construction Project
http://uen5c84x.rdos - Area 51 Secret Plans
http://b3hqj56x.rdos - removing money indistinguishable from the fact that the printer
http://p0nkk91N.rdos - technology used by extraterrestrial life
http://iZr8fMca.rdos - kullanılıcak project to exceed the speed of light.
http://9Jfz4hrE.rdos - famous companies money safe passwords
http://sMKTKJVa.rdos - Human Experimentation
http://y7mujomP.rdos - immortality Formula
http://8OD1uSrP.rdos - Future forums filled with people from (3. they share technology world war, etc.)
http://EBZ9tOvU.rdos - kill people with Subliminal messages

#---------------- Anon Links(20) ----------------#
Openvpn (Alot of the sites are down due to it's early stages of development)

alienethd.anon       - Homepage of alienet
gallaecia.anon       - Used to be alienets main IRC
realhiddencam.anon   - censored videos etc porn, suicides and possibly killings
sadsatan.anon        - A copy of the clean version
darknetproject.anon  - Homepage of alienet
skull.tracker        - A tracker used in alienet
utopia.anon          - Where your dreams come true
bigboose.anon        - IT security blog
nonick.anon          - Mail service
oneye.anon           - Mail service with personal remote operating system developed by IT proffesionals
fakebook.anon        - A facebook like social media

#---------------- Hack Links(4) ----------------#

vpnhub1.hack/chaosvpn.png        - only from inside ChaosVPN; updated once per hour
vpnhub1.hack/chaosvpn.nodes.html - simple display of nodes uptime
irc.hackint.hack                 - OpenVPNs irc chat (speak to other hackers)

#---------------- Ejr Links(8) ----------------#

P3a3s3t3.ejr - Mechanics of time                [Moved]
51611maj.ejr - List of authorized users             [Closed]
tria9v65.ejr - Construction of the pyramids                 [Moved]
1l0grant.ejr - Location of multiple celebrities (women)     [Open]
s33inn3r.ejr - Photos of the hollow Earth           [Moved]
g0mrr311.ejr - Supposedly advanced alchemy          [Closed]
cl0s3dsh.ejr - Clos creation manual             [Open]
7fow06nf.ejr - Caravans killed                  [Closed]