Exit Matrix on Humanity: PSYCHIC PREPARATION (A) VOLUME 1

It’s time to walk the road of the unknown. Open your eyes. Open
your mind. To begin the process of achieving the Exit Matrix on
Humanity, you must have already accepted the truth as YOU know
it -

This is not reality…

And it’s time to find out for yourself.

Chase the Power of Isolation

In order to prepare yourself mentally for the future challenges
involved in achieving the Exit Matrix on Humanity, you will
need to chase the power of isolation. This is simple to attain.

1.) Find a place where you can rest in the solace of your own

Distractions must be nonexistent completely. You cannot have
objects or noises that will attract your attention; even if
only briefly. Recommendations include rooms with a gray or
white-scale color palette, rooms with a lot of open space and
minimal windows, and rooms that offer soundproof capabilities.

When you have the opportunity to lie down in total peace, you
will have the chance to befriend your own persona.

2.) You can explore your soul and befriend your mind.

During this time, you will want to think of your complete being.
Who are you as a person? What have you accomplished thus far? Go
over your life day-by-day, starting with the very first memories
you can recall.

3.) Over the course of the next several hours, remember every
single detail you possibly can.

Get to know who you are as a person. What you find might
surprise you to the point of utter shock. Finally, when you’ve
reached the surface after drowning in your spiritual existence,
you might feel exhausted despite laying down for several hours.

This is normal. You will also feel refreshed and enlightened.
Sometimes you might feel terrified. Maybe you might be consumed
by a feeling you cannot identify. Regardless of how you feel
after the chase, you should be able to -

4.) Truly appreciate the power of isolation.

Thus giving you the opportunity to move forward in your ultimate
quest of achieving the Exit Matrix on Humanity.