Mental Manipulation: Lesson One

As a past black-hat hacker for the United States government -
and yes, I do mean black-hat - I am well aware of the mental
manipulation they are capable of. The sad part is that it comes
in the most obvious of forms; so obvious that the general public
is painfully blind to it. Fortunately, I have every intention of
changing that for the small population percentage deserving of
the truth.

Let’s start with the basics: population control. The US
government is the top contester in population control by
excessive means. What does that mean, exactly? Think mass
shootings; especially the recent ones like Orlando, Texas, and
Vegas. After all, the government’s best mental manipulation
method is diversion. By distracting the general public with
what seems like biased or terrorist related attacks, they have
the ability to prepare the world for their ultimate conquest:
Project V.

During my time working for the government, I didn’t get all of
the details on Project V. In fact, I’m not even sure what
Project V stands for. I’ve heard speculation around the
legitimate small and private communities that are left on the
dark web. Most think it stands for Project Virus. This makes
sense because… Well, from the small amount that I’ve heard on
Project V, it’s the end of humanity as we know it.

From what I can gather, Project V’s intention is to rewrite