government relations with aliens and UFOs

project looking glass

the governments attempt to salvage alien weapons and use them to defend Earth(gaia or terra) in case of a war

project gleam

project gleam was the US governments attempt to establish communication with "the visitors"

project delta

project deltas objective was to collect and extract materials from UFOs and crash sites

project adam

the goal of project adam was to test how radiation effects alien material and how well it absorbs it and reflects it

project krispa

this projects goal is to take alien tech and develop civilian applications

project orion

project delta delt with UFO propulsion

project sigma

this project deals with the studying of alien aircraft

project nomad

study of alien species

project starlight

study of space using alien tech

first deep space probe "patty"

second deep space prove "sween"

third deep space probe "dekota"

eighth deep space prove "moe"